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Kentucky Weather Center

Time posted: 2:07 am

Just Just What Month Is This?

Good Tuesday, people. The calendar states April, however the climate is searching and feeling a lot more like belated February or very early March. We now have a quick-hitting system rolling over the state today also it’s bringing only a little light rain and light snowfall along with it. This might be all element of a continued ugly looking setup.

Let’s start with what’s shaking nowadays today. A band of light rain and light snowfall is streaking from southwest to northeast today. There’s perhaps the opportunity for easy payday loans New Jersey online a quick coating of snowfall on elevated areas across aspects of main and eastern Kentucky.

Temps under this musical organization of precipitation shall drop to the 30s for a while. Not in the rain/snow action, temps have been in the balmy 40s, but winds is likely to make it feel chillier. We shall have your monitoring toys in a little.

Temps behind this today and Wednesday morning will likely be frigid, establishing the phase for the hard freeze. Temps fall deep into the 20s for most…

Temps remain much colder than usual through the remainder week. Another system that is weak a run at us later Wednesday or early Thursday with a differnt one belated Friday into Saturday. Here’s the GFS…

The Canadian tries to slow that system down and turn it into a larger climate manufacturer later on into the weekend…

I am going to toss you another upgrade until later now. Until then, let’s see when we are able to find some mid-April snowflakes…


Bowling Green


Pine Hill


Mt. Vernon



Hill Parkway near Slade


Allow it to be a day that is great be careful.

Time posted: 7:34 pm

A feeling of Winter Viable

Good evening, people. It’s a totally raw and cool springtime evening across the bluegrass state even as we are appropriate in the exact middle of a setup that is ugly. It has the opportunity to deliver only a little light snow action coming through to Tuesday.

Winds are gusty this night, but nowhere near what we have experienced the last 24 hours. A little drizzle or even a shower that is light lingering over the eastern 1 / 2 of the state…

A fast-moving system moves through here on Tuesday that will have a stripe of light rain and light snowfall along with it. This can be coming from southwest to northeast. Have a look at where in actuality the models think will dsicover some flakes…

Temps behind this can positively tank, ultimately causing a difficult freeze by Wednesday early early morning. Many areas drop deeply into the 20s, nevertheless the NAM is most likely too cold here…

That could be record breaking cold if the NAM is appropriate, however it’s most most likely too cool.

We nevertheless do have more unsightly on the road later on this week and I also are certain to get more into that later on tonight. Until then, ensure it is a good one and just just take care.

Time posted: 2:36 am

Storms Usher In A Significant Difference

Good Monday, everybody. Strong storms and high winds are rolling throughout the state to begin with the afternoon. This is certainly in front of our storm that is potent system been dealing with for approximately a week. It is also ushering in much cooler atmosphere and therefore could bring a little the winter season this week. Sigh!

Let’s start with what’s happening on the market this then look ahead morning. A line of strong to serious storms is feasible in front of our deepening low. The winds are likely to continue steadily to crank with this without storms. A lot of wind harm was already reported.

Hefty rains could also cause some local water that is high. Listed here are your tracking tools…

Colder and drier winds blow this afternoon as temps drop to the top 40s and 50s that are low. Tuesday and Wednesday are cool times around here therefore we have actually the opportunity for the revolution of low stress to create some light snow belated Tuesday into Tuesday evening. The most readily useful opportunity of this is across main and eastern Kentucky. View the way the NAM views this well and views another snowfall system in order to our north after that…

Another freeze may follow that up morning as temps drop into the 20s wednesday…

Temps stay way below normal to the weekend as another chilly bath manufacturer sweeps through. We aren’t quite completed with the shots that are chilly however the pattern begins relaxing through in a few days. As being a point in fact, if this pattern breaks, it is expected to break toward extremely humid and warm.

I am going to have another change later now. Have one that is good just simply take care.

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